Data Center

All of Elea Digital’s data centers follow certain standards to ensure a better coexistence. 

You must follow them. You can find them by clicking here. 

General Rules

✓ Visitors of any kind are not allowed to enter the premises for the purpose of marketing products;

✓Sales activities are prohibited within the Data Center premises;

✓ Employees at the reception desk are forbidden to receive any private documents;

✓ The use of an identification badge is mandatory and must be visible;

✓ Abuse or improper use of facilities and equipment owned by Elea or third parties is prohibited; 

✓The storage of papers or inflammable material of any kind is prohibited, and the handling of manuals and documents is tolerated;

✓ The use of an identification badge is mandatory and must be visible handling of manuals and documents is tolerated;

✓Filming/photographing any Data Center premises is forbidden;

✓Employees and third parties who have authorization to use parking spaces will only be allowed to use them during the period in which they are in the Data Center; 

✓ Cars must be parked backwards.Sales activities are prohibited within the Data Center premises. 


Preservation of Space

✓ Keep them clean and organized.


✓ Do not throw toilet paper or any other type of material into the toilet bowl;

✓ Do not use the sinks to wash utensils such as pots, cups, and others;
✓ Do not leave paper or pieces of paper on the sink or floor;
✓ Use the wastebaskets only for toilet paper and paper towels;
✓ The environment is cleaned daily, maintain the hygiene of the place.

✓ Please pay attention to behavior and posture. This area should not be used for sleeping;
✓ Keep only items that do not attract ants,cockroaches and insects in the pantry cupboards;
✓Snacks should be prepared in the pantry, but can be prepared in any of the pantries;
✓Lunch/dinner must be prepared and served in the pantries, not in the operating room
✓ Throw away garbage according to the identification of the selective collection garbage cans;
✓ The cabinet, refrigerator, microwave oven and sink are for collective use, if soiled, clean up after use;
✓ Do not leave utensils or appliances on the sink after you finish your snack or meal;
✓ Do not leave paper or pieces of paper on the sink or floor;
✓ The refrigerator is cleaned every Saturday, forgotten snacks will be discarded;
✓ Do not use this environment to clean shoes;
✓ The refrigerator is shared, that is, only consume what you own.

✓ Consumption of food and beverages is strictly prohibited;
✓ Do not throw leftover food into the room’s trash garbage can;
✓Keep only necessary items to perform the activity on the workbench;
✓ Backpacks and purses should be kept in lockers or left under the table;
✓Avoid Waste. Your Actions reflect on the entire planet.
✓We suggest that each employee bring their own bottle and glass.

Permanent Surveillance

There are video cameras supporting the physical security outside and internal cameras supporting physical access control and investigations of suspicious or inappropriate conduct. 

The images are kept in a database for immediate and future use investigations.

If you need any support,
send an e-mail to our technical team

Guy Willner


With over 20 years of experience in the leadership of global high-tech data center technology companies, he participated in the founding of companies such as IXEurope and IXcellerate. Guy’s influence in the data center market continues to grow, as one of the most influential voices in the industry worldwide.